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from 339 € / person

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Rafting on one to two-seater raft boats, accompanied by a professional instructor.


KAYAK & KANOE XXL PROGRAM is rafting on inflatable mini rafts. R2, K1, K2 with a combination of canyoning. This program is designed for excellent swimmers and boaters who want to go to the raft ship without an instructor.





The program price includes:

  • 2x rafting, 2x excursion, 1x canyoning,
  • 3x breakfast, 2x evening barbecue,
  • Neoprene suit, jacket, boots, float vest, helmet and canyon seat,
  • tent rent + inflatable bed,
  • T-shirt rafting,
  • photographic documentation,
  • a trip with an instructor.

The program price does not include:

  • Lunch in local restaurants
  • transport by minibus
  • Travel insurance for rafting and canyoning
  • cancellation of the tour insurance
  • sleeping bag, pillow
  • 4€ Koziak



RAFTING R2, K1, K2 with this program you will receive a double spot of Baraka canoes or a canoe. inflatable kayak K1 or K2. Always rack with the whole group. From our CK, you have an instructor who will check you and therefore choose the safest route on the river. But the instructor will not sit with you in the ship, but will coordinate you either from the shore, another raft boat, or from a kayak.


Always before the heavy section stops, you will get instructions on what and where to do. We always hold your back, but last of all, it's all up to you. We offer this program mainly during the summer months when the water is less and it is not broken.


In addition to rafting on miniraft, the program is identical to the classic XXL program, which is on six-seater boats with instructor. After rafting there is a lunch and a trip to the most beautiful places in the Soča Valley.


THE AVAILABILITY of wild water depends on the given month, term and weather conditions. But most of it is like this:


APRIL, MAY, JUN, and SEPTEMBER we have more water, which means more difficulty and it is suitable for good swimmers and people who like adrenaline. In these terms, there are larger waves, just the TOP rolls.


JUL, AUGUST in these months is less water, the water is beautifully clear up to a few meters. In these months, most of the lower section is rafting and rafting during this period is also suitable for weaker swimmers and children.




CANYONING who likes the aquapark then he gets what he came for in the stream Sušec.  We start with smaller jumps, slides and finish with a 12-meter rocket. You will see that even the best architect in the world would not find it better than than the mastery of nature has built it.




TRIPS on our tours we will take you to places that are either beautiful or interesting. There are countless natural beauties in the area (as it is the Triglav National Park), but history is also very interesting and in the area there is a large number of bunkers, fortresses not only from the 1st World War II.




ACCOMMODATION is in our raft camp directly at the Soča river in the town of Bovec – the KOVAC camp. Modern family camp, beautiful nature, large HUSKY family tents, inflatable mattresses (beds), social tent and fireplace are the guarantee of a beautiful stay in the countryside. * for camping you need to bring the sleeping bag and the best is KOMFORT to – 5 degrees, pillow and some blanket and blanket underneath.




MEALS included 3x rafting breakfast, 2 evening grills, hot drinks such as coffee, tea during the whole program FREE. Lunch is served in local restaurants where the price of lunch is around 9 € / person. About 150m from our base is a restaurant and 3km is MERKATOR which is a local food store.




TRANSPORT by minibus from our CK RAFTOVANIE is from Bratislava - Main train station (* most of the departure from Bratislava is at 13:00, arrival at Bratislava 20:00, of course, if everything goes according to plan) The price is 65 € / person. If the clients have their own transport, you have to rely on the fact that during the entire program you are moving with your cars and logistics is ensured by our CK.




INSURANCE our travel agency is insured through UNION and also through this insurance company we offer health insurance for risky sports such as rafting and canyoning. The price is 4.00 € / person / day.


ACCOMMODATIONS in the campsite there are showers for tokens The price is 1 € / token for 4.5 minutes.



Would you like to have something special? FILL THE PROGRAM WITH ZIP LINE, KAYAKING



CONTACT US e-mail:, phone: +421 911 305 961, +421 903 72 77 33


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Quick facts

2x canoe rafting, 2x excursion, 1x canyoning

tent with a mattress

half board

own, minibus,

summer from 15th,


Physical difficulty


Trip plan

The KAYAK KANOE XXL program is organized from MONDAY to THURSADY and from THURSADY to SUNDAY. TU terms


• 1st day MOVING TO SLOVENIA to our base CK Raftovanie from Bratislava - Hlavná vlaková stanica. If you are traveling by car, we meet at 19:00 in the Kovac camp, where we will be welcoming, unpacking in our Husky family homes, taking a welcome drink and GETTING INFO on the next program.


• Day 2 BREAKFAST, RAFTING on R2 or K1, K2 + raft boat control instruction and orders. After we will stop at the local restaurant. Then we are waiting for you to visit the canyon VELIKE KORITA + bathing, the historical fortress of the KLEU, we look into the 60 meters deep canyon Koritnica and the canyon Učja. In the evening we will make the evening GRILLING and free program.


• Day 3 BREAKFAST, RAFTING on R2 or K1, K2 and for lunch we will stop at the local restaurant, sightseeing of KODIAK WATERWAY, sightseeing of the famous Napoleon bridge (height 22m), sightseeing of military bunkers from 1st St. war, stop at the Boka waterfall, height 106m, EVENING GRILL and free program.


• 4th DAY CANYONING in the gorge Sušec, Lunch at the local restaurant, RETURNING OF THE EQUIPMENT, END OF THE PROGRAM and transfer to Slovakia or to Croatia to the sea, home ....



Trip rating

Jan Maginec


Super typ na pohodovou,klidnou,ničím nerušenou rodinnou dovolenou:-) válečka na břehu proložená sem tam divokou,studenou vodou ,11m volným pádem do hlubiny či vymýšlením příběhu o lodní kotvě nacházející se nesmyslně u vše a mnoho dalšího jsem zažil se svou rodinkou ve společnosti super instruktorů,prima party a čarokrásné přírody,díky všem za nezapomenutelné chvíle a jestli mohu přidávám ještě jednu *

Vít Koreček


Naprosto všechno tu psané je fakt. Já tam byl a vše viděl, madrace foukal a stany impregnoval. Doufám, že jste se ptali, jak se tahle skvělá rodina sešla?



Chlapi , dobre to robíte. Panovala uvoľnená atmosféra a zároveň kvalitne organizovaná akcia. Človek sa nikam nenáhlil a zároveň všetko stihol. Máte v sebe ducha zábavy a zároveň zodpovednosti, to sa mi veľmi páčilo. Naučili ste nás základné vodácke veci a hneď sme ich aj využili a zistili, že voda aj keď ma 8C môže byť spríjemnením zábavy. Napr ked sa 50 m od cieľa na rovnej vode "náhle" pretočí čln. Ďakujem za perfektný víkend a zoznámenie sa s riekou Soča.



Ahojte. Ďakujem Vám za perfektnú akciu. Určite sa na rieku Soča vrátim. Nemám Vám čo vytknúť, všetko bolo skvelé, naplánovanie a program 100%, jedlo super, kemp čistý, partia zábavná. Bol som s Vami prvýkrát, ale nie posledný. Všetkým možným záujemcom vrelo odporúčam, perfektný zážitok. Nedá mi nespomenúť kvality inštruktora (Pala). Na rafte a canyoning je profesionálny a zodpovedný. Mimo akcií zas vtipný a spoločenský. Odporúčam a ďakujem.

Zuzana Hinduliaková


Ďakujem našim inštruktorom Ajovi a Jankovi za skvelý rafting a super zážitok. Bol to výborný trip, ktorý sme si celá rodinka užili naplno. Odporúčam aj ostatným, lebo my si to ešte zopakujeme :-)

Trip rating