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Raft base CK RAFTOvanie on the river Soča




Our travel agency was founded in 2009, but we have been operating rafting since 2003. Its founders are brothers Miroslav and Rastislav Sukany, who come from Čunov and grew up in the Wild Water. The two Čunovo raft clubs both represented in Slovakia and abroad.



Miroslav Sukaný a Rastislav Sukaný

We focus on RAFTING, KAJAKING, SPLAVY and everything that goes with catering, transportation, logistics, teambuilding, but we also focus on training new and hopeful water boats and rescue workers on wild water.




OUR BASE CAMP in Slovenia on the Soca River

In Slovenia, in the town of Bovec, we operate the SLOVENKO / ČESKÚ base directly on the confluence of the river Soča and Koritnica, where it is also the starting point for the beginning of the ride. Our clients try to offer complete service both on water and on land.